About Bempflinger

Bempflinger Lebensmittel GmbH is a highly flexible, fully certified medium-sized company and innovative manufacturer of retail and private labels for the food retail, discount and bulk consumer sectors. It is a supplier to leading national and international branded companies in the food industry and specializes in the development of customized product features.

The product range includes soups and sauces of all kinds, pasta sauces and pasta dishes, fruit preparations and dry mixes.
First-class quality, creativity, lean processes and dynamics distinguish Bempflinger Lebensmittel GmbH.

Core Competences

Stand-up pouches

We offer products in stand-up pouches of different sizes, different openings and imprints.

Private Label

As a private label specialist, we have extensive experience with private label products in the food industry.


Our products are developed in close cooperation with our customers. Thereby a close coordination takes place during the complete process execution, i. e. from the idea to product development, packaging concept, filling, packaging and quality assurance.

Tasty Taste

Tasty Tasty is the new brand of Bempflinger Lebensmittel GmbH.

Under this brand you will find many new, cool and young products.